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Let's schedule a time and a place for you or family member.
This can be at your home, or an office, or outdoors.


We want to ease any concerns, give you sample questions, possibly even some ideas about what to wear.

The bottom line = there is nothing to prepare. Think of this as a friendly conversation.
There's just a camera in the room with us.

Just be ready to talk about your life. We've got a very organized and successful formula figured out.
We ask some very open ended questions like: tell us about your birth, parents, school.
You don't have to write notes ahead of time, or think in detail of what you want to say. 
We'll have questions. We have a tried and true plan. 

The Interview

We come with professional video equipment, a couple of lights, great microphones and well-trained
and experienced interviewer (usually just one person).

It takes us just a few minutes to figure out where to set up the camera.
We want you to look good; sitting in a comfortable chair; maybe in front of a fireplace, or family pictures, probably with a soft out of focus background. 

Then we’ll guide you (or your family member) through a friendly conversation - first recording the chronological highlights of your life. We’ll talk about growing up, the places you've lived, the things you’ve done, the successes and challenges you've encountered.

We're pretty organized. We like to start with experiences and eventually get to the good stuff (the things your posterity really wants to know about you)
- what those experiences have taught you, how they molded you, changed you.  

We move the conversation towards talking about important relationships, feelings, philosophies, and wisdom you might like to give. The whole process takes about 60 minutes. The final Interview, after editing is usually
45-50 minutes. It doesn’t get much more complicated than that. Unless you want it to.

It sounds like a lot to cover, but it works. It’s also the right length to be concise, interesting and watchable. We utilize interviewing best practices. And occasionally, we throw the formula out the window when because of health, age, or disability we can only get what we can only get. Sometimes, these turn out the best.

We really want to do what works for you.
Most people want the stories, the personality, the emotion captured but don't know how.
If you trust us - we can get it. We have a plan for when you don't.

The Finished Visualegacy

We often do a little editing. Within a week, you’ll get the digital files online - yours to watch, duplicate, & share.

Family and friends can view and download copies. And we’ll archive digital versions for safe keeping. 

Your Story!  Your Perspective!  In Your Own Words!

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