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We save lives - and we do it in about an hour.

When we die - we take all our memories, experiences and wisdom.
Give us an hour and we can save those lessons of life, your life to survive from now until the end of time

A Visualegacy is a simple way to capture the highlights of a person's life in a digital format.

Your story.  Your experiences.  Your personality.  Your advice for posterity.

In your own words, emotion and passion - talking about the things you have experienced, your hopes, your loves - explaining the things that matter to you, the things that are important to you - who you are, what you became.

A visual document that appreciates in value.
We're planting shade trees for the future.

Archived for the Future

If you ever lose your copies (which you can freely duplicate) - we have it - stored for safety as well as for conversion to any future formats because we also understand that "history is what survives".

Anna Kenison Short
Karl Mitchell
Sierra Sampsel Missionary
Helen Thayer - Tell them you love them
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